Included Hosted PBX Features

Included Hosted & PBX Features

All of our Hosted PBX plans come with a wealth of powerful hosted pbx features features. If you don’t see any hosted pbx features that you have in mind, don’t worry – we probably do have it, but just refer to it by another name! Simply contact us to ensure what hosted PBX features we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Don’t pay for basic telephone service any more! Now you can enjoy a complete office telephone solution with (for example) virtual numbers, find-me / follow-me capability, voicemail for every employee etc a lot of exciting other hosted pbx features and the ability to work from anywhere at any time.

PBX Features

The Cloud PBX system gives you access to PBX capabilities without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. Cloud Bharath Cloud PBX is a virtual PBX, meaning that all of the routing services are performed by your VoIP provider, rather than by an employee in your office. Contact us to ensure what hosted PBX features you require!


An auto-attendant is a prerecorded “menu” system that can be used to direct callers to different departments or employees within your company.

Business Hour Rules

Easily set the days and times during which callers can reach your staff via phone. You can use Business Hour Rules to create different phone call behaviours based on day and time.

Call Block

Easily block your caller ID information from being displayed to the party you are calling. This feature is helpful when you wish to temporarily mask caller ID for privacy reasons.

Caller ID

This feature lets you see the name and number of the person calling you before you answer. You can also use this feature to display your company’s name and phone number when you call out.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you forward your extension to a cell phone, regular telephone or another employee. When you leave the office, you can forward your extension and receive your calls anywhere.

Web Interface

Our Hosted PBX service includes a very powerful but user-friendly web interface that allows you to control virtually every aspect of your service online, at any time, from anywhere. Training and support materials are also available online.

Voicemail to E-mail

Receive voicemail notification via e-mail, pager, smartphone and on your telephone (message waiting indicator). Voicemails can also be received as attachments in your e-mail box which you can listen to through your speakers.

Call Monitoring

Monitor calls for quality assurance or training purposes. For instance, with this feature a new sales person could monitor calls from more experienced staff in order to build sales skills.


Each employee in your organization gets their own mailbox and you can create mailboxes for specific departments or products. Each employee can record their own unavailable greeting and store up to 50 voicemail messages at a time.

Unlimited Internal Calls

Both our Dedicated and Shared Lines plans allow your staff to have an unlimited number of internal calls active at any time. Employees can reach each other even if they are in different physical locations without tying up any external lines.

Unlimited Scalability

Traditional telephone systems only allow you to receive a limited number of calls based on how many physical telephone lines you have installed at the office. With our Hosted PBX service you can easily scale your number of lines to meet your needs.

Special On-Hold Music

From time to time, as a free (and fun) bonus to customers, Easy Office Phone enjoys offering seasonal or themed hold music channels.

Soft Phones

A soft phone is a telephone that runs on your computer using a headset. It allows you to make and receive calls from any location, using your computer. Our service is compatible with popular soft phones such as X-Lite, Eyebeam, Bria, Zoiper, and Zoiper Biz.

Online Call Records

Use our web interface to easily track the details of incoming and outgoing calls, such as: date and time, who called your company, which of your staff placed outgoing calls, duration of each call, and much more.

No Busy Signals

Our Dedicated Lines plan provide you with unlimited calling capacity so that customers will never hear a busy signal. Rest assured your staff will be able to handle even an unexpectedly high volume of calls.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Our Hosted PBX allows you to have as many phone numbers as you like. Offer customers in specific regions a local number so that they can reach you without calling long-distance. Each number can have a unique greeting and call flow.

Multiple Phone Lines

Unlike traditional telephone systems, our plans allow you to add as many lines as you like, with no need to change your network infrastructure. Easily scale with our Hosted PBX service and pay only for the capacity you need.

Multiple Offices

Our Hosted PBX is completely virtual, allowing you to connect multiple offices together as if they were one. This means you can dial employees’ extensions directly, even if they are not in the same office as you.

Message Waiting Indicators

The message waiting indicator is a light which flashes on your phone whenever you have a voice mail waiting for you. You will also hear a broken dial tone when using the telephone which lets you know that you have a message waiting.

Lower Hardware Costs

Traditional hardware PBX solutions are very expensive to purchase and install. With Hosted PBX, hardware costs are much lower. Many customers use our service through Soft Phones or existing analog phones coupled to adapters.

Live Call Transfers

A live extension transfer allows you to transfer callers from one employee to another, or even to an outside phone number. For instance you can transfer a customer to a technical person at one of your suppliers.

Keep Your Phone Numbers

Transfer your established numbers when you switch to our service.

Hunt Groups

A hunt group is a list of employees that should be called when a caller chooses a department. The customer is first placed on hold with music and then the system begins to “hunt” for someone to answer the call.

Free Calls between Staff

You can make free calls to other employees simply by dialing their extension. It does not matter where that employee is located – you will not have to pay long distance charges or incur any type of cost.

Free Calls Between Subscribers

With our Hosted PBX service you can always call other subscribers for free by simply dialing their number, no matter where that subscriber is located.

Find-Me / Follow-Me

Find-Me / Follow-Me lets you select multiple locations to dial when someone calls you. If you were to specify a cell phone, your office business phone and a telephone at another branch office the system will call all these telephones at the same time.

Employee Mobility

Employees can work from anywhere with Easy Office Phone’s Hosted PBX – from home, on a cell phone, at a hotel or another office. Calls can be sent to multiple locations at once, meaning you can answer no matter where you are at the moment.

Employee Status Indicators

Employee status indicators show you whether a particular person is on the phone or receiving a call. This feature will work regardless of where your staff are physically located.

Do Not Disturb

DND mode routes any calls to your extension to voicemail. This is a useful feature if you are busy meeting with a customer or co-worker and do not want to be interrupted.

Directed Call Pickup

Pick up a call that is ringing on any other phone at any time. If you see a call ringing on another phone or extension you can simply select that ringing line and pick up that call at any phone.

Direct Dial Numbers

Perfect for employees who wish to have customers reach them directly, without having to call the company’s main phone number. When someone calls this number they will be connected immediately or get voicemail if the employee is unavailable.

Dial-by-Name Directory

When customers don’t know the extension number of an employee, they can use the Dial-By-Name directory customers to enter the first or last name of an employee and be transferred to the correct person immediately.

Departmental Ring Groups

Multiple people in a department can receive incoming calls at the same time. If a customer was trying to contact the sales department you could have any number of phones ring at once. Call labels are commonly used with this feature.

Day / Night Modes

Route calls differently based on day and/or time. For example, you can easily send calls to different hunt groups such as an after-hours sales team and a regular hour sales team.

Custom Hold Music

While callers are waiting to be connected to a department or are waiting on hold for the next available representative they can hear music or promotional messages.

Conference Calling

Connect staff or clients together so that you can hold team meetings or demonstrations. Our VoIP phones natively support up to three parties on a conference call.

Call Screening

Call screening asks callers to say their name before being connected to your extension or department. This feature can be useful for busy staff who want to only selectively answer calls.

Call Recording

Call Recording is possible using one of two methods. You can use a soft phone to quickly and selectively record calls you make or receive.

Call Mentoring

Listen to calls for quality assurance or training purposes and speak to your staff without the other party being able to hear you. Great for “whispering” to new staff when they’re on live calls.

Call Labels

This feature allows staff to see in advance which department or product a caller chooses, and then answer with an appropriate greeting such as “Hello, this is Sales, how can I help you?”


All our plans comes with web portal SMS . Send SMS to any GSM/ CDMA

Email to FAX

Send Faxes , Receive Faxes ,Use Your Existing Email,Just $10/month , Requires no hardware or software. All you need is Internet access, an email address, and a cloudbharath account.

FAX to Email

Send Faxes , Receive Faxes ,Use Your Existing Email,Just $10/month , Requires no hardware or software. All you need is Internet access, an email address, and a cloudbharath account.

Optional Features

We also have a variety of Optional Featuresto further expand your Hosted PBX service. These include:

  • Call Queueing
  • Fax Service
  • Professional Voice Recordings
  • Call Recording
  • International Numbers
  • Toll-Free Service
  • Conference Bridge
  • Local Virtual Numbers
  • Video Conferencing

See our full Features list at the link below.